Watch: Tora – Pisonia Prologue

Words by Jack Strong


We are lining up Tora to be next in line for the UK R&B throne.

It’s always a blessing when artists come out of nowhere and become an instant favourite. Tora‘s only two releases (Vein being the other) so far have both unequivocally blown us away, visually and audibly.

There is a rawness about her that is incredibly exciting and her latest video for Pisonia Prologue demonstrates the creativity that she possesses as an architect of originality. Working alongside the hugely talented Silence Lola, there is seemingly inspiration from the Orwell masterpiece 1984, drawing on fast cuts of CCTV footage and selfie videos to compliment the skippy production, submerged amongst her alluring vocal flow, and that magnetic hook.

We spoke to Tora and she had this to say about the release “The song itself is about the desirability of staying in unhealthy situation. Pisonia Prologue has it’s title after the tree pisonia, nicknamed the bird catching tree as it produces an excessive amount of sap. So naturally the birds would be attracted to it but since there is such an abundance, the sap gets stuck to their wings making it hard for them to fly away and they end up stuck there. I thought there was quite an obvious parallel between us [humans] and these birds, despite the fact we have the choice we’d rather stay with danger.”

We don’t know too much about her yet but we’re expecting an EP soon and it’s sure to be absolute fire, watch the video below.





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