Listen: The Loosies Project – Vol 1 & 2

Words by Jack Strong

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Whilst COVID-19 is keeping most people apart during lockdown, music is one constant keeping people together - The Loosies Project is the true quintessence of this.

Some of London’s most talented artists, including the likes of Dips, Lo-Wu, Ayeisha Raquel, Kieron Booth, Dani Sofiya and Cay Caleb (to name a few) have come together to deliver a compilation of music that embodies the spirit of art and creativity.

The project offers two volumes of 10 tracks – some new, some old – combining Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap and Neo-Soul to produce a make-up of collaboration and experimentation that expresses the ingenuity of UK music right now. Highlights include the stripped back, soulful ‘Sorry I’m Late, I Was In Quarantine’ on Vol 1 from Kinkai, and the smooth vigorous bars of Dips, Eklipse, Tinyman and K The Infinite on Lo-Wu’s production of ‘Free‘ on Vol 2.

We spoke to Dips about the project, “This is us coming together in light of what’s happening outside with COVID-19, we just want to show people that artists can be collaborative, come together and make art, encourage each other, encourage the people and give the people good vibes – art lives on and we can inspire each other as people and as musicians”.

We all need music and community now more than ever, and artists need our continuous support as fans too – show some love, get listening and let the message ring true – art will always live on.







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