Listen: Laura Roy – Rainbows & Butterflies

Words by Jack Strong


Her 'FORTE' EP blew us away and we were blessed with her presence at our last Aux Chords Presents III. In our eyes (and ears), Laura Roy can do no wrong.

After the highly anticipated release of Laura’s 2018 EP ‘FORTE’ EP produced by UK artist/producer GEO, the pair has been exploring new sounds and stories to tell through soulful melodies and beautiful lyricism.

Laura stated that her recent release of her song ‘Rainbows & Butterflies’ “explores the raw and vulnerable side to falling in love and how difficult it can feel at times to overcome that fear of vulnerably that many of us carry. It’s about taking those chances in people and accepting the flaws in each other.”

This bold release features Laura’s vocals simply accompanied by a beautiful piano performance which pulls focus to her incredible voice and sophisticated song writing capabilities.  

Her effortless ability to captivate is unprecedented and undoubtedly she’s destined for the top.

Listen to the single and watch some of Laura in action at Aux Chords Presents III below: