Listen: Aneesa’ Marie feat. K The Infinite & Eklipse – Temporary Feelings

Words by Jack Strong


First coming to our attention on SBTV, Trinidian born Aneesa' Marie has always had the vocals of an angel but her latest release Temporary Feelings has raised her stakes even further.

Having taken four years to put together, there is a feeling that this could be her defining song. A track that highlights soulful R&B at it’s finest, throwing in verses from long term collaborator, producer and poetic rapper K The Infinite and Newham’s MC Eklipse, and marrying effortlessly with the dreamy production of platinum American producer P.Soul, who’s work you may have heard via Joey Bada$$ and Mac Miller.

This is a show stopper, and we don’t think she’s going to stop there. Listen below:

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